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Welcome To Summit Roofing

Springfield Missouri's Premier Roofing Company! We hope you find enough information to prompt your consideration of any of our products and services . Our goal is to keep it simple , display our capabilities, references and completed projects. Our main objectives are to provide products and services to obtain the maximum life cycle and aesthetic appearance for each customers need, while enriching every life in our association.

Metal Roofing

What We Can Do

We specialize in Standing Seam Metal Roofing , 24 Gauge Steel Seamless Guttering and various Single Ply applications. Though these are our main focus, we do install all types of roofing systems from 3 Tab Composition to Synthetic and Stone Coated Tiles. Ask us about our GOOD – BETTER – BEST – Materials and Warranties.

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Why We Are Here

We are committed to research, selecting, designing and installing the best technology available; both Green and Standard, low slope or steep slope.

We will offer proven systems available to each application. We will learn and educate regarding code compliance, manufacturers recommendations, solar and green benefits and applications. We have been in business for almost 20 years and are in good standing in the 4 states.



Summit Roofing & Contracting have been installing quality roofing products in the Springfield Missouri area for nearly 20 years. We offer a full line of residential roofing products and many types of commercial roofing systems.

Summit also manufacturers metal roofing products. Summit’s products are made at our facilities in Springfield, Missouri, and are available in all of our locations.

We at Summit Roofing are known for new product innovation, high quality standards, as well as customer service and technical support. To see more details on Summit's premiere patented metal manufacturing process please click here.

Roofing With Style

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Service and Repair

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